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Beach Slide - XXL Turns

Before you descend, enjoy the views and feel the wind that will travel with you to the very bottom

Location: Izola - SanSimon

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Dive in and let the adrenaline flow

Discover the pinnacle of summer fun on the colorful slide that reigns on the beach! With multiple turns and fast descents, our slide promises refreshing moments of laughter and fun for all ages.

Safe descents

The slide is designed with safety in mind, without sacrificing the excitement of sliding. With regular safety checks and clear instructions, we ensure that fun is always safe. Gear up with courage and give in to carefree water joys.

Sports-adrenaline experience

For those seeking more than relaxation, our slide offers a proper dose of adrenaline and an opportunity for physical strengthening during fun. Feel the force of gravity and water strengthening your muscles with every daring descent down our slide.

*What do you need?

  • Yourself, of course, a good mood, and a backpack with basic gear: Swimwear and a towel,

  • sunscreen (and a hat, if necessary)

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