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Discover winging with Halo SUP

You will start the initial steps with a big board and a big wing.

Location: Izola - SanSimon

Unleash your water adventures with the latest water sport

Start your winging adventure with us and experience the thrill of sailing above the waves powered by the wind. This activity is suitable for anyone who wants to take flight with a wing in hand. Our instructors will help you master the basics in a course or provide useful information if you wish to rent a wing.

Exploring with Wing 

Winging allows you to explore the coastal environment in a unique way. Feel the freedom as you glide on the surface of the sea with the wind in your sail and discover hidden corners of the coast that are only accessible by water. This is an opportunity for an unforgettable experience where you can connect with nature and see the coastline from a new perspective.

Adrenaline Experience with Winging

Winging is not only a new way to explore the sea but is also full of adrenaline experiences. Suitable for those seeking excitement and dynamism. Join us and experience speed and excitement as you embark on a water adventure that will exceed all your expectations.

What do you need?

Yourself, good mood, and a backpack with basic equipment:

Swimsuit and towel,

sunscreen and a hat 

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