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The Art of Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Beginner's Course.

What do you need? Yourself, of course, a good mood, and a backpack with basic equipment: Swimwear and a towel, sunscreen and a hat

Izola, Strunjan, Ankaran, Koper, Portorož, Piran

SUP Course: Stand-Up Paddling for Everyone

The course begins with an introductory theory, followed by practical action in the water where you get accustomed to the SUP and paddle. You will learn various paddling techniques, from relaxation to yoga and meditation on the SUP. For adventurers, we offer the execution of yoga poses on the SUP, while for those seeking calmness, we provide relaxation poses and the enjoyment of the morning calm or evening sunset.

Who is the Course Suitable For?

  • Beginners and Experienced: Ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy being on the water while doing something beneficial for their body. 
  • Exploration and Enjoyment: Great for those who wish to explore the seabed or catch a magical sunset on the SUP. 
  • Bonus: Each participant receives a photo of their SUP experience!

Theory and Safety

  • Instruction by a SUP Teacher: The course begins on land with the proper paddle holding technique. 
  • Emphasis on Safety: We learn about sea currents, wind, and safety rules at sea.

What do you need?

Yourself, good mood, and a backpack with basic equipment:

Swimsuit and towel,

sunscreen and a hat 

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