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Welcome to the HaloSup world!

Experience the excitement of water sports with HaloSUP on Slovenia's coast. We offer a range of activities including paddleboarding, diving, windsurfing, boat tours, and cycling, perfect for groups, school trips, and solo adventurers. Explore the stunning Istrian coastline with our boat rentals and active tourism options, ideal for all levels seeking fun in Slovenia’s coastal sports scene.

Do your research. Experience it. Enjoy. Your adventure starts here!

We ensure a safe environment

We protect and care for nature.

Good vibes

Advanced Tech


We are a family business that deeply loves the sea, nature, and sports, originating from the surfing tribe Tribu. We've discovered that the Slovenian coast can be enjoyed just as much as any other place in the world.

We are always seeking the most enjoyable ways to spend leisure time and engage in sports, and we are convinced that we have found it.

Jump into the water with us and join in new adventures.

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