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Welcome to the Stand Up Paddle  world

Our goal is your smile! And how do we get that?
Very easily! With the help of the water, joy and a little of your effort. On the SUP we show you how to relax and be active at the same time. As we make a "walk" on the water, we feel closer to nature and watch the beach from a different perspective, as usual.

SUP is great for

  • Workouts
  • Recreation in nature
  • Friends and the whole family
  • Relaxation


Excursions with "Halo SUP"

Excursions on the Slovenian coast will inspire you!

2.5 hours on the sea surface, from where we will take a look at the most beautiful parts of the Slovenian coast. Next to SUP is waiting for us snorkeling, unspoiled nature and relaxation.  

Rent-a SUP 

Call us and order your SUP. We bring it to your favorite beach or to your home. Time and place of return by appointment. We deliver all over the slovenian coast.

SUP Course

The best way to learn how to SUP is to attend a course. In the course we familiarize ourselves with safety, with the balance and the right paddling. We get to know the equipment.


Our beginnings come from the world of surfing. After long trips around the world, we decided that we could enjoy the beauties of our country and  at the same time enjoy the sea in Slovenia as well. We are always looking for the ful fullest combination of leisure and sports. So, jump into the water with us and SUP in the new experiences.

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