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Lounger and Umbrella Rental

Can you imagine a better summer date than with a book in hand under an umbrella?

Location: Izola

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Oasis of Peace: Your Corner in the Sun

Enjoy the perfect summer day at the beach with our lounger and umbrella rentals. We offer you comfort and shade, essential for your relaxation by the sea. The equipment is always clean and well-maintained, guaranteed for your complete satisfaction.

The Secret of the Umbrella

Umbrellas have a secret feature - no matter how hot the day, you will always find a fresh breeze under them. It's said they have a built-in 'cooling charm' that cools down even the hottest summer days!

Book Your Rest: Loungers and Umbrellas on Call

With a simple reservation, secure your spot under the sun. Our rental service allows you to effortlessly hire loungers and umbrellas available as soon as you arrive at the beach.

*What do you need?

  • Yourself, of course, a good mood, and a backpack with basic gear: Swimwear and a towel,

  • sunscreen (and a hat, if necessary)

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