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Discover your adventure with Kayak

As fast as lightning on the sea, whether solo or in pairs, a kayak is the ideal choice for those who love gliding through the water.

SanSimon, Strunjan, Ankaran

Why is Kayaking Superb?

Kayaking is a superb activity because it offers an ideal way to explore and enjoy the sea, whether alone in a single kayak or with a companion in a tandem kayak. It's quiet, agile, and allows for a direct connection with nature, providing a unique experience.

The Sea and the Indian Experience

Our kayaks are suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced paddlers. In addition, we also offer a canoe for four people, where you can experience a real 'Indian' adventure at sea together.

Kayaking on calm seas offers a true Native American experience 

Silent gliding through water with speed achieved through arm strength. Feel the freedom and connection with the sea." For more information about these kayaking and canoeing experiences, please visit the HaloSup website.

What do you need?

Yourself, good mood, and a backpack with basic equipment:

Swimsuit and towel,

sunscreen and a hat 

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