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Pedaline: Your Multi-FUN Sea Adventure

Slide, Shade, Socializing, Exploration, Snorkeling, Pedaling on Water?

Location: SanSimon, Strunjan, Ankaran

The Diversity of Experiences on Pedalo boat

The Pedalo boat offers a wide range of sea experiences. From relaxing sunbathing and seeking shade under the canopy to thrilling water jumps - perfect for exploring the underwater world with snorkeling or breath-hold diving.

Fun and Relaxation

Our pedal boats are perfect for couples, families, and groups looking for a safe and relaxing sea adventure. Spacious and stable, they are ideal for bonding and creating summer memories together.

Ideal for Families and Groups

Enjoy fun and relaxation on our pedal boats equipped with tall, winding slides. While they may not be the fastest, they are certainly the most comfortable and suitable for groups of up to six people.

What do you need?

Yourself, good mood, and a backpack with basic equipment:

Swimsuit and towel,

sunscreen and a hat 

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