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Morning SUP-er start of the day

Do not forget:
good mood
bathing suit and towels
0.5 l of drinking water or other refreshing drinks

Izola, Strunjan, Ankaran, Koper, Portorož, Piran

Early Hour, Golden Hour

Have you heard of this saying? Morning paddleboarding is a refreshing, awakening, and clarifying experience in the most natural way. In addition to the experience of daybreak, sunrise brings a unique peace, which in summer occurs only in the morning hours.

Morning paddleboarding is suitable for everyone wanting to enjoy the most beautiful moments of a summer day. First-timers will receive a brief course. The focus is on enjoying the freshness, the first morning rays, and stretching. For more details, please visit the HaloSup website.

What do you need?

Yourself, good mood, and a backpack with basic equipment:

Swimsuit and towel,

sunscreen and a hat 

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