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SUPer workout for the little ones

Call 030 31 31 34

Exercise includes a trainer, equipment rental and pool entrance fee.

SUPanje has slipped under the skin of many families, as it is also a recreation where we can load a son and daughter, nephew, niece or puppy on the board and wander with them along our beautiful coast. While rowing, we make up stories about pirates, storms and hidden treasures, and here and there we swim and dive, while enjoying the best company.

Of course, children also want to take the "rudder" or paddle. We’re going to need a little more patience to get started, as kids gain balance more slowly. Even their smaller weight makes it difficult for them to push off quickly on larger family boards. But anything is possible :)

In order for children to enjoy and learn this wonderful sport as quickly as possible in a safe environment, we have prepared a 2 x 2h course, where we teach the child in a fun way how to set up, correct posture and proper rowing.

Warming up is due to the reduction of the possibility of injuries and muscle strains in the first place, SUPe to the side. We take warming very seriously.

We will learn:

  • Orientations on the SUP (correct layout)

  • Getting up and getting along

  • Long-distance rowing (on a trip), fast rowing (on a race)

  • 3 ways to address the SUP

  • Basics of resolving the disabled with SUP

Kung Fuu panda is an exercise that initially puts everything on real ground or in water.

Why are we swimming in the pool?

The Žusterna Olympic swimming pool provides us with safe and even conditions for the course. Currents, winds and even small waves are difficult to learn in the sea and other waters. In the pool, we therefore have an ideal environment where children retain maximum motivation and thus learn the sport the fastest, which they will be able to master with greater confidence even in difficult conditions in the summer.

By learning SUP, we will improve:

  • Coordination

  • Balance

  • Mobility

  • Concentration

Call 030 31 31 34
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