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SUPing course - A session that changes your view of the world

Stand up paddle COURSE

The course is suitable for

It is suitable for everyone who would like to enjoy and at the same time do something for your body. All those who have ever been on a SUP and would like to explore the seabed or be in the forefront of a summer sunset are also invited.

After completing the course, participants also receive a photo of their SUP experience.


Do not forget:

  1. swimwear and towels

  2. sunscreen + a hat

  3. 0.5 l of drinking water or other refreshing drink

  4. Goodwill


The SUP instructor is also a lifeguard.


The price of an individual course is 45 eur / person and for two people 65 €. You choose the place and time yourself by agreement with the SUP teacher.

The price for a group course is 15 eur / person.


The SUPing course includes equipment and SUP instructor rental and photography.

Stand-up paddling is a sport that we learn quickly. In the course, participants receive the appropriate equipment (SUP and paddle) explanation and practice.


The SUP course place under the guidance of a SUP teacher.

On land, we learn to hold the paddle correctly. Safety always comes first, so we will also pay attention to learn about currents, winds, sea regime and other marine factors.


Enough with the theory, let's go into action.

When we go from the pier or descent into the water, we will first circle the sea and get used to the SUP board and paddle. After mastering the balance, we paddle into the first SUP survey.

While rowing, the teachers will correct your posture. We will try different rowing techniques and find out what can be done at SUP (from lying down, yoga to meditation)


For all the courage, we will explore how far our balance can go. For the calmer, we will go in the relaxation positions and focus on the romance of a crystal clear morning or sunset on the water.

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