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Team Building on SUP

custom on +38630313134

The training includes an animator and equipment rental.

The working environment is often the way we design it! A team spirit can work with a campain, sucha sa a teab guilding at SUP, make or work environment positive. In mixed couples we sill promote some rivalry anc cheer up to win!

Do not forget:

good will

swimwear and towels

you can also wear pants and a T-shirt

0.5 l of drinking water or other refreshing drink

Also suitable for closed parties who want to spice up their conclusions with a unique trip, games at sea, 1000 liters of laughter and fun. The tasks are suitable for everyone who knows how to smile from the heart and for all those who have not been able to do so for some time.

Maximum number

participants per animator is 19. The animator is also a lifeguard from the water.

Team building is also suitable for larger groups. We also come to events, the only condition is that there is water nearby where we can perform animation.

Call for an appointment on 030 31 31 34
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