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SUPer FIT workout

Exercise includes a trainer, equipment rental and pool entrance fee.

When you feel good and look great, you know that you came from SUPer FIT with elements of yoga and Pilates.

Do not forget:

good will

swimwear and towels

(you can also wear tight pants and a T-shirt)

0.5 l of drinking water or other refreshing drink

SUPer FIT training is a way of training on SUP in the sea or in the pool. Exercising in SUP with elements of yoga and Pilates is a holistic way of recreation, because in addition to large muscle groups, we also strengthen weaker muscles, coordination and balance. In addition to feeling better and upright, our concentration also increases significantly.

Maximum number

there are nine participants per instructor. The SUPer FIT exercise instructor is licensed.

SUPer FIT workout is suitable for everyone who wants a different workout, relaxation, positive energy and good mood. The advantage of SUPer FIT training is in a more intense form of training, as we perform the exercises on a moving surface - on SUP - and thus force our muscles to work more intensively. The results of the exercise are noticeable after just a few visits! We will improve posture, balance, coordination, prevent incontinence, strengthen the body and improve tone.

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