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The price is 35 eur/ person including the rental of equipment and SUP course.

From Piran to Strunjan - natural park

We can't just pass the city of Piran. So we’re going to pass by with the stand up paddle board. The old town, which stands in front of us, will look completely different from the sea angle. Behind the "punta" and the deepest point of the Slovenian sea (40m) we will pass quickly and suddenly find ourselves under the mighty walls, above which stands the Church of St. George. Everything calms down here. The wind is gone because we are in the shelter of the Piran walls.

059364_STO_Aktivnosti v Istri_Strunjan_Supanje.jpg

The current is also getting weaker. The sea here becomes incredibly clean and it is a pleasure to glide across the sea. We usually stop right here to do some yoga asana or just enjoy the purity of the sea and the peace behind the city walls. Due to the purity of the sea, snorkeling is almost obligatory. The current will slowly but steadily take us towards Fiesa, where we will continue our way to the nature reserve in Strunjan.


The Stand Up Paddling Instructors are also lifeguards. All participants get a photo from the excursion.

In Fiesa, you often meet divers doing a course or an interesting dive. It is very interesting to sail over them and observe them in the depths. If we get some luck, we can spot dolphins.

059368_STO_Aktivnosti v Istri_Strunjan_Supanje.jpg

In Strunjan, we will sail along the shellfish field into a small cove where a batanas ond sailboats are anchored. Cormorant birds, which watch over shoals of fish and like to settle here among the mussel, will curiously dive among us and accompany us all the way to the end.

In Strunjan, after a rest and a coffee, it is possible to visit the Strunjan salt fields, where there is a small but interesting saltworks museum.

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