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Debeli rtič cape

Camp Adria Ankaran Hotel & Resort: every Friday at  6:30 PM or custom at +38630313134

The price is 25 eur/ person including the rental of equipment and SUP course.

For those who come with their own SUP, the price of is 10 eur/ person. 

The Camp Adria Ankaran Hotel & Resort is a good entry point into the water, where we can learn our first steps on the SUP.  In the case of the local wind, the sea here is calm . From here the road leads us along the beach Valdoltra, further past a small city harbor, where we will admire meters high nobel pen shells (pinna nobilis). 

On the Debeli rtič route we will have the best conditions for SUP on the slovenian coast.

Towards the lighthouse we will obsrve a very deep falling flysch bottom, where numerous schools of fish can be seen. We will use the time to jump into the sea from the lighthouse and to observe how at this point the bottom suddenly sinks into depth.

TheSUP Instructors are also lifeguards. All participants get a photo from the excursion.

Do not forget:

good will

swimwear and towels

sunscreen (can also be a hat)

0.5 l of drinking water or other refreshing drink

At the end of our excursion we enter the zone of the protected landsace park "Debeli Rtič". The surroundings on teh headland Sv. Jernej is something special. 

Who is the excurison suitable for?

The excursion is suitable for those who like the sea, are of a romantic nature and want to relax. Impressive sunset leaves a meditative influence on us. In case of interest we do yoga exercises at sunset. 

If you are one of those who like to lose themselves in the natural beauties, join us!

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