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The price of the excursion is 25 eur/ person, incl. equipment rental and  SUP curse. 

The excursion takes 1h.

For those who come with their own SUP,  free of charge. 


The early bird catches the worm. Ever heard of this proverb? Morning supping is an experience that refreshes you, wake you up, and clarifies you in the most natural way. In addition to the experience of waking up, we experience an unusual peace at sunrise, which only happens in the summer morning. The morning stand-up paddling is suitable for everyone who would like to take advantage of the most beautiful moments of the summer day.


Please don't forget:

- swimsuit and bath towel

- sunscreen (maybe a cap)

- water or a refreshing dring

- good mood

Those who take part in the stand up paddling for the first time will also receive a short course. We will focus on enjoying the freshness, the first rays of the morning, and relaxing.


The SUP Instructors are also lifeguards. All participants get a photo from the excursion.

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