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School trips on request

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Tour guiding
Stand up paddleboarding
Water games
Pedal boat
Beach volleyball

Dear teachers and organizers of school activities, welcome to the world of HaloSUP, where learning and fun meet in the fresh sea air. We believe that experiences outside the classroom are crucial for the holistic development of children. Our diverse water and land activities are designed to promote team spirit, physical activity, and a love of nature. Join us for a unique active trip where your students will experience unforgettable adventures and learn or just relax through play and exploration.

Based on your wishes and needs, we help you assemble a package:

Guidance for Schools and Groups.

SUP / Stand-Up Paddling

  • Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) Courses

  • SUP Trips:

  • to Bele Skale 1h,

  • Moon Bay 2.5h,

  • Debeli Rtič - Ankaran from 1-2.5h,

  • Koper 1-2h

  • Piran - Strunjan 2.5h

  • SUP Rental (from 1 hour to all day) with delivery to the desired location


  • Bike trip from Izola to Strunjan with a tour of the salt pans and a guide - 1 hour

  • Excursion from Izola to Koper with a city tour - 1 hour

  • Excursion around Parencana Koper/Izola/Piran or vice versa with a guide - 2.5 hours

  • Bicycle rental with transport to the desired location

Swimming / Snorkeling / Swimming

  • Safe swimming in our presence, all our leaders are also water rescuers

  • Option to hire an additional water rescuer"

Pedal Boat

  • Pedal Boat Rental

  • Including a pedal boat in trips with a SUP or kayak

Beach volleyball

  • Reservation and Rental of Playgrounds and Implementation into Programs, Trips, Courses

  • In Ankaran and San Simon

Kayak one-seater, two-seater

  • Kayak Courses

  • Kayak Trips:

to Bele Skale 1 hour

to Mesečev Zaliv (Moon Bay) 2.5 hours

to Debeli Rt - Ankaran 1-2.5 hours

to Koper 1-2 hours

to Piran

to Strunjan 2.5 hours

  • Kayak Rental in Ankaran, San Simon, or Strunjan (from 1 hour to the whole day)

Safety comes first

Safety comes first

Professionally Trained Guides:

All our activities are led by professionally trained and certified guides who ensure safety and support at every step of your adventure. All our water activity guides are also certified water rescuers.

High-Quality Equipment:

We use only the best-maintained equipment that meets international safety standards, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

Customized Programs for All Ages:

Our activities are tailored to different age groups, providing special attention and adaptations for younger participants.

Safety Instructions and Training:

Before each activity, we provide thorough safety instructions and training to make participants feel confident and prepared for the adventure.

Supervision and Support:

Throughout all activities, we ensure constant supervision and support to ensure participant safety and quick response in case of any issues.

Excursion by speedboat / towing

  • One lap with a fast speedboat

  • Speedboat trip along the Slovenian coast

  • Banana boat or couch towing

Some composite package ideas

Suitable for groups looking to spice up their summer days.



SUP / pedal boat, bicycle, and sand. The sea from three perspectives.

  • Preparation and familiarization with the conditions of handling equipment

  • Dividing into 3 groups: beach volleyball / SUP and pedal boat trip / bicycle trip

  • Group rotation

  • Photography

  • Duration: 4-5 hours


Stand-Up Paddleboarding Course.

  • Preparation and familiarization with the conditions for handling equipment

  • Group division: SUP course/swimming

  • Group rotation

  • Photography

  • Duration: 2 hours


Fun on the pedal boat, beach/swimming, and a tour of the Roman villa.

  • Preparation and familiarization with the conditions for handling equipment

  • Division into 3 groups: Guided tour / beach volleyball / swimming on pedal boats

  • Group rotation

  • Duration: 3 hours

Our program can accommodate up to 120 people at once, making it an excellent choice for larger groups looking for a fun and laughter-filled water experience. Our instructors will provide all the necessary support and safety measures, allowing you to relax and enjoy every activity. Additionally, you can also hire a water rescuer for added safety.

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