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The price of the excursion is 25 eur/ person, incl. equipment rental and  SUP curse. 

The excursion takes 2h.

For those who come with their own SUP,  free of charge. 


On the SUP we will paddle in the first line of the sea, form where we can admire the sunset. Those who meet for the first time with this sport will be explained useful basic information as well as a short basic course. 

Who ist the excursion suitable for?

The evening excursion is suitable for anyone who is of a romantic nature and for those who like this part of the day. In the summer, the sunsets are different every day and it is worthwile not to miss. 

Please don't forget:

- swimsuit and bath towel

- sunscreen (maybe a cap)

- water or a refreshing dring

- good mood

We can not resist a dip in the water and the night swimming in the sea. As the sun falls into the sea, the air finally gets fresher and the water feels even warmer. When we come out of the water, we feel refreshed and cheerful. It's almost like magic and a good move to get refreshed into the night. What now? Are we going to bed or party?

The SUP Instructors are also lifeguards. All participants get a photo from the excursion.

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